“It is amazing to see how happy and comfortable my mother has been spending time with Beth! She shows such patience with my mom and you can see that she genuinely cares for her overall well-being. She lifts mom’s spirits by getting out of the LTC facility and enjoying the outdoors and going for coffee. I am happy to say that Beth is part of our ‘extended family’ and I would highly recommend My Friend Beth to anyone who asks for assistance for their loved one.”
Georgina Smith, Collingwood

“I have known Beth Forsyth for a long time and she has been a great help to me and also a great friend. She is always ready to assist me and I appreciate her in every way. I don’t know what we older residents would do without people like Beth being there for us every day.”

Lois Gilbert-Cober, Collingwood

“After my recent hip surgery, I wanted very much to go home. Beth visited every day and provided the extra help I needed. Beth was always professional and compassionate. She anticipated my needs and provided a calm post operative period. Thank you Beth, for helping me have a seamless recovery.”

Betty Lou Sandlos, Collingwood

“Beth has been a new best friend to me at a time when I need one (friend). Beth and family are a great addition in my life. I highly recommend Beth. God bless.”
Errol Graham, Collingwood

“Beth is a very comforting presence in my life. She has a very caring nature, much compassion and makes me laugh. I can depend on her because she is so conscientious and trustworthy—I know that any task I ask her to do will be completed satisfactorily.”
Barb Canning, Collingwood

“My friend Beth was a fabulous help to me in setting up a website. Beth was extremely patient with me, giving time to write down ‘how to’ instructions. I could never have managed this without Beth.”
Carol Bowden, Collingwood

“Beth has a caring heart and a passion for helping others. She can be relied upon to carry out her tasks in a professional and personable manner. Beth is trustworthy and her cheerful disposition makes her a logical choice to entrust her with the care of your loved ones.”
Nancy Lee Johnston, Collingwood

“I’ve known Beth for years already and her warm, caring, loving & happy personality is a perfect fit for these services. In fact, you can tell when you contract her service that this is not a profession for her but simply a fulfillment of a calling — to give of oneself for someone’s good!”
Jean Dizon, New Jersey, USA

“Beth is a wonderful, cheerful, caring person. I highly recommend her business.”
Hakan Olcay, Barrie

My Friend Beth
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