Reliable. Fun. Engaging.

Every client has a unique set of needs. Our solutions are tailored to meet each client’s physical, social, mental and emotional needs.

My Friend Beth provides non-medical support for independent-minded seniors. My mission is to help bridge the gap resulting from the diminishment of quality of life due to aging so that my clients can continue to live independently with dignity for as long as they are able.

One of the biggest problems faced by the elderly is social isolation. In my years of working with seniors, I have come to realize that as they grow older, they yearn to spend time with family and friends, and they want to feel that they are still very much a part of the community. Sadly, as they lose their ability to do things due to functional decline, they can only hope that someone would reach out to them.

How do I help address this? Through companionship! My clients say that I am the only ‘constant’ in their life. Whether it be to just sit and chat with them, go for a walk or a drive, or even go shopping, I am right there for them and with them. There’s always something fun to do. My heart knows I am doing a good job when I hear comments like, “I wish you wouldn’t have to go, Beth” or “You brighten up my day.” A smile, a giggle, and a hug are great feedback, too!

Of course, I do other things as well. Medical appointments, note-taking during consults, prescription intake and refill monitoring, organizing schedule, healthy-eating, de-cluttering, bill payments, teaching them to use the computer, cellphone, texting–the possibilities are endless.

As I said, the solutions I offer are tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. If you wish to know more, I would love to sit down and discuss your requirements over a cup of tea. Contact me and we can arrange a convenient time to meet.

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