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I am Me.

I am still the me that you once knew. The me that you once laughed with. The me that you cared so much about.

Much may have changed with me; however, I. AM. STILL. ME.

If you see me sitting in my chair, come sit awhile–I want to hear about your day;

If you see me looking into empty space, remind me of the past–I want to remember how well I’ve lived my life.

If you see me struggling for words to say, show me a smile so that I may be encouraged to express myself;

If you see tears running down my cheeks, sing me my favorite song to quench the longings of my soul;

You see, the person I have become today may not be the person you have hoped to see. But the person you see before you is much the same way inside. Do not be deceived by what you see; dig down deeper.

I am still Me.

I feel the joy in your victories; the pain in your losses. I celebrate your presence; I long to hear your voice. I wait for you to walk into the room; I mourn when you leave. You are the light amidst the darkness I am in.

I am still Me.

So do not, even for a moment, think that I am gone. I am still here. Hold my hand and travel with me, until you can’t go on. Maybe by then, I will have left. But for now, stay with me and don’t ever forget:

I am still Me.