“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.”

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

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For over 20 years, I have dealt with people’s needs…


Every client has a unique set of needs…

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Beth has a caring heart and a passion for helping others. She can be relied upon to carry out her tasks in a professional and personable manner. Beth is trustworthy and her cheerful disposition makes her a logical choice to entrust her with the care of your loved ones.

Nancy Lee Johnston


After my recent hip surgery, I wanted very much to go home. Beth visited every day and provided the extra help I needed. Beth was always professional and compassionate. She anticipated my needs and provided a calm post operative period. Thank you Beth for helping me have a seamless recovery.

Sincerely, Betty Lou Sandlos


Beth has been a new Best Friend to me at a time when I need one (friend). Beth and her family are a great addition in my life. I highly recommend Beth. God bless

Errol Graham


Beth is a very comforting presence in my life. She has a very caring nature, much compassion and  makes me laugh. I can depend on her because she is so conscientious and trustworthy—I know that any  task I ask her to do will be completed satisfactorily.

Barb Canning


My friend Beth was a fabulous help to me in setting up a website. Beth was extremely patient with me, giving time to write down ‘how to’ instructions. I could never have managed this without Beth.
Carol Bowden


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